Various Small Utility Functions for Node.js

Utilz - Various Small Utility Functions for Node.js

npm install utilz

var utilz = require('utilz');

Watch the specificed .js file and quit the server to restart if it has changed. Best used with Supervisord, or Forever (when it matures). filename: the file to watch, may be relative to process.cwd(); current .js if omitted.

utilz.watchFile(__dirname + '/other.js');

In production (NODE_ENV === 'production'), this will not restart imediatelly, but rather wait 2 seconds, to allow for all files to be replaced first, in the case of a full update.

Display time duration in human readable format, from number of days to milliseconds. t: the time interval in milliseconds.

var t1 = Date.now();
var t2 = new Date('Mon, 21 Dec 2012 21:20:12 GMT').getTime();
console.log(utilz.timeSpan(t2 - t1));

This will display an interval in the form of:

368d 11h 41m 17s 57ms

Format a number to the number of decimal places specified. n: the number to format. fr: the number of decimal places.

var n = 3.14159265;
console.log(utilz.formatNumber(n, 3));
console.log(utilz.formatNumber(n, 0));

This will display:


More functions will be added in the future.