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Utils-DO is currently in beta. Expect more bugs than a final release.

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The Utils-DO, This small library is a handler and data source related to Dominican Republic.

We have Typescript Support now


$  npm i utils-do --save


This class is used as a source of geographic information of the country.

const { Geo } = require("utils-do");

const result = Geo.getProvincesByZone("cibao sur");

console.log(result); // [ 'La Vega', 'Monseñor Nouel', 'Sánchez Ramírez' ]

This method retrieve an array of the provinces located in that zone (sub-region)

API Reference

Method Description Return
getProvinces() Return an array of string with the name of each province string[]
getMunicipalitiesOf(provincesName) Search an return an object with the municipalities of a province as properties object or undefined
getMunicipalDistrictOf(province, municipality) Return the municipals district of a municipality of a province. string[] or undefined
getProvinceByMunicipality(municipality) Get the name of the provices where the municipality belong to. It return an array because the name of the municipality might be in two or more provinces. string[]
getProvinceByMunicipalDistrict(municipalDisctric) Get an object with the province and the municipality searched for the municipal district. {province: string, municipality: string}[]
getRegions() Get the macro-regions of the country. string[]
getRegionsAndZones() Get an object with each region with their respective zones. { [region]: string[] }[]
getProvincesByRegion(region) Get the provinces which belong to a region. string[]
getProvincesByZone() Get the provinces which belong to a zone. string[]


This class is used to handle and validate generic data like the IDE (Citizen identification or 'Cedula').

const { Validator } = require("utils-do");

const result = Validator.isAnIde("4022222222");

console.log(result); // true

Validator.formatToIde(4022222222); // "402-2222222-2"

These methods are used to handle the ID of the dominicans.

API Reference

Method Description Return
isAnIde(id) Validate if the value inserted is a valid dominican id boolean
formatToIde(id) Return the value formatted as a dominican id. string or undefined
isATel(tel) Return the municipals district of a municipality of a province. boolean
formatToTel(tel) Return the value formatted as a dominican tel number. string or undefined
isRNC(input) Validate if is a valid RNC. boolean
formatToRNC(rnc) Return the value formatted as a dominican RNC. string or undefined


Contact me for help on growing up the repo, building and testing.

Please make your open a new issue / make your pull-request or send me an email.


We would like to thank to anyone who use or contribute this repo.


This project uses the following license: MIT

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