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    UTAM - UI Test Automation Model

    UI Test Automation Model (UTAM) is based on the popular Page Object model design pattern commonly used in UI tests. Instead of using an object-oriented class to write a page object, a UTAM page object is authored in JSON, and described by an easy-to-understand UTAM grammar. The utam package is the entry point for generating JavaScript page objects.


    Add utam as a devDependency in your package.json:

    yarn add --dev utam
    # or via npm
    npm add --dev utam


    This package exposes a CLI tool, utam, that generates JavaScript page objects from declarative JSON files. It's the main package that should be installed to use UTAM for page object authoring.

    Visit wdio-utam-service to learn how to use UTAM with WebDriverIO in your UI tests.

    1) Configure the UTAM Compiler

    Start by configuring the UTAM compiler to match your project structure and requirements.

    2) Run the UTAM Compiler

    Generate JavaScript page objects by running utam either via the cli:

    npx utam -c utam.config.json

    Or via a script in your package manifest:

    // package.json
        // ...
        "scripts": {
            "build": "utam -c utam.config.json"
        // ...

    Invoke the script with:

    yarn build
    # or via npm
    npm run build


    Use the utam command to run the UTAM compiler from the command line:

    utam [options]

    Note: You don't have to specify options.


    Use the --config option to specify the compiler configuration file path:

    utam --config path/to/project/utam.config.json

    Note: you don't need to specify that option if your project has a utam.config.js config file at the package root or if your package.json file has a utam configuration key.


    Use the --projects option to specify projects to use in compilation:

    # Project1 contains either a utam.config.js or has a `utam` key in `package.json`
    utam --projects path/to/project1 path/to/project2/utam.config.json

    A project is a folder that contains some configuration for the UTAM compiler. A valid project is a folder that contains either:

    1. A utam.config.js config file
    2. A utam.config.json config file
    3. A utam config object in the package manifest (package.json)

    Note: A configuration file can have any name. The utam.config prefix is a convention.


    Use the --target option to specify the module system of default page objects. Options are (commonjs or module).

    # Generate page objects that use ES Modules by default
    utam --target module
    # Generate page objects that use CommonJS by default
    utam --target commonjs

    Default page objects are the generated page objects with a .js file extension.

    Documentation has all the information you need to get started with UTAM, including guides, tutorials and the JSON grammar.



    npm i utam


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