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Halo is a NodeJS based OpenStack Dashboard. It provides a web dashboad to do interaction between OpenStack services including Nova, Keystone, Swift and so on.

Online Demo:


Get Started

Get your code ready:

git clone --recursive

Install all the dependencies

npm install
sudo npm install pm2 -g

Under the configs directory, generate the config file

cp ./configs/server.js.sample ./configs/server.js

and then customize your own js file

We provide pre-commit hook to check code style before committing, run the command below (optional):


Build project and run the node server

npm run build
npm start

Start websocket server

npm run message

Production Mode

Under the production mode, you need to run the build script to generate the static files:

npm run build

And then, start the server:

npm start

Development Mode

If you want to develop under the development mode, you can run the dev script:

npm run dev

After running, as you save the changes of your code, it will build the code automatically.

By default, the above script will generate the zh-CN minified files, which means the web page only serve the Chinese version. However, if you want to specify the specific language, add the parameter like:

npm run dev --lang=zh-CN

or specify env variable language:

export language=en
npm run dev

Currently, we only support two languages: en and zh-CN.

Besides, we can also compile specific application as you want by:

npm run dev --app=dashboard // dasboard or admin


In the client side, in order to optimise the size of output files, we need to collect all the languages files, and transpile all of them to a specific language file lang.json under the i18n/client directory.

While developing, you may need to update the language config file all the time. Thus, once updated the file, you have to re-transpile the file:

npm run transpile --lang=zh-CN

Sorry to tell you that we don't provide any watcher tools to execute above script automatically.


The node process is hosted by PM2, which means if you want to checkout the logs or do some other stuffs, you need to play with PM2:

  1. Delete the PM2 process by specifying the id:
pm2 delete id
  1. Checkout the PM2 log:
pm2 logs

More information:

pm2 -h


build the front-end code, i18n and configs

npm run build

run the node instance using pm2

npm start

restart the current node instance

npm restart

run the test

npm test

run the JavaScript eslint check

npm run eslint

run front-end dev mode

npm run dev

install uskin sub module

npm run prepublish

generate i18n files

npm run transpile

assemble all projects to halo based on kunkka/config.json or whatever/config.json

npm run assemble

update the latest code for each project in halo

npm run pull

merge the configs from each project to halo/configs/server.json

npm run merge

fetch all projects's newest tag and write into kunkka/config.json or whatever/config.json

You need to copy halo/token.json.sample to halo/token.json and insert your owner gitlab token

npm run release

tag all projects if project has new commits. Then push new tags to remote

npm run tags

add eslint hook to all projects

npm run add_eslint

Code Standard

Commit message formatter

The commit message should contains at least three parts.

  1. The summary of the commit. It should be followed by an empty row.
  2. The detail information of the commit. (It is optional.).
  3. The commit type: (BF|NF|RF|OT|BugFix|NewFeature|ReFactor|Other).
  4. The commit's JIRA issue ID.

The maximum characters for each row should be less than 72.

This is an example:

Ensure setuptools is somewhat recent

Due to bugs in older setuptools version parsing
we need to set a relatively new version of setuptools
so that parsing works better (and/or correctly).

This seems especially important on 2.6 which due to
a busted setuptools (and associated pkg_resources) seems
to be matching against incorrect versions.

Type: BF
Jira: DEVOPS-453
Change-Id: Ib859c7df955edef0f38c5673bd21a4767c781e4a

For more information, please visit:


npm i ustack-halo

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