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JavaScript USERcycle API for Node.JS


Install with the Node.JS package manager npm:

  $ npm install usercycle


Install via git clone:

  $ git clone git://
  $ cd node-github
  $ npm install


You can find the docs for the API of this client at

Additionally, the official USERcycle documentation is a very useful resource.


Print all followers of the user "mikedeboer" to the console.

var USERcycle = require("usercycle");

var usercycle = new USERcycle({
    version: "1.0.0"
});{}, function(err, res) {

First the UsercycleApi class is imported from the node-usercycle module. This class provides access to all of USERcycle's APIs (e.g. events, people or cohorts APIs). The events.get method lists all the events generated so far. Is is part of the events API. It takes the options as first argument and a callback as last argument. Once the events list is returned from the server, the callback is called.

Like in Node.JS, callbacks are always the last argument. If the functions fails an error object is passed as first argument to the callback.


You need the USERcycle API key for authentication. The API key can be found in the user's Account Profile page.

This example shows how to authenticate:

    type: "token",
    token: token

Note that the authenticate method is synchronous because it only stores the credentials for the next request.

Implemented USERcycle APIs

  • Events: 100%
  • People: 100%
  • Cohorts: 100%

Running the Tests

The unit tests are based on the mocha module, which may be installed via npm. To run the tests make sure that the npm dependencies are installed by running npm install from the project directory.

Before running unit tests:

npm install mocha -g

At the moment, test classes can only be run separately. This will e.g. run the Events Api test:

mocha api/v1.0.0/eventsTest.js

Note that a connection to the internet is required to run the tests.


MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.