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    What is Userbase?

    Userbase is the easiest way to add user accounts and user data persistence to your static site. All Userbase features are accessible through a very simple JavaScript SDK, directly from the browser.

    What is userbase-js-node?

    For all who want to use the Userbase JavaScript SDK from node, this is the package for you. Some reasons you may find this package valuable:

    • You want a super simple end-to-end encrypted backend for a node app.
    • You want to share global data with users and implement custom access control.
    • You're ok with a server having access to some user data, and want to take action using that data in real-time (e.g. CRON jobs, triggers, reports, etc.).

    How do I start?

    The easiest way to start using Userbase is to create a free Admin account and follow the Quickstart guide that shows you how to create a web app using Userbase.

    If you don't like docs and want to jump right in after creating an admin account and getting your app ID, here's a quick script to get you started:

    const userbase = require('userbase-js-node')
    const main = async () => {
      await userbase.init({ appId: <Your App ID> })
      await userbase.signUp({ username: 'admin', password: '5Pnc3M^J^Q2$EegV' })
      await userbase.openDatabase({ databaseName: 'my-first-db', changeHandler: items => console.log(items) })
      await userbase.insertItem({ databaseName: 'my-first-db', item: 'Hello world!' })

    If you have any questions, or if there's anything we can do to help you with your app, please get in touch. Thank you!


    This project is released under the MIT License.




    npm i userbase-js-node

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