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    Use Impromptu

    1. npm install -g use-impromptu
    2. Add source impromptu to your shell's configuration file (bashrc, zshrc, etc).

    This installs Impromptu dependencies and clones the my-impromptu repository into ~/.impromptu, adds a global impromptu bin script, and sets your prompt to use Impromptu.

    Using Sudo

    We recommend that you do not use sudo to install Use Impromptu. If you absolutely must, you'll probably need to pass the --unsafe flag, like this: npm install -g use-impromptu --unsafe

    The reason for this is that NPM tries to limit the risk of running install commands with sudo by running the package's install scripts as a non-root user called nobody. Use Impromptu clones a starter prompt for you by deafult, so it needs to be able to create files in your home directory. The nobody user probably doesn't have permission to do that, so if you run the installer as a user other than your own, we need permission to act as root.

    The exception to this is if you already have a prompt directory or just don't want Use Impromptu to create one for you. In that case we do not need permission to write files, and therefore do not need to act as root.




    npm i use-impromptu

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