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    useElapsedTime React hook

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    React hook to measure elapsed time using requestAnimationFrame. The time measurement can be played and paused, additionally the start time and duration can be set. The primary use case of the hooks is in animations where the most important part of the animation is time.

    • Toggle play/pause
    • Set start time and duration
    • Adjust update interval to your need


    yarn add use-elapsed-time

    Basic usage

    import { useElapsedTime } from 'use-elapsed-time'
    const MyComponent = () => {
      const { elapsedTime } = useElapsedTime({ isPlaying: true })
      return elapsedTime

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    Function signature

      const {
        elapsedTime: number,
        reset: (newStartAt: number) => void
      } = useElapsedTime({
        isPlaying: boolean,
        duration?: number,
        startAt?: number,
        updateInterval?: number,
        onComplete?: (totalElapsedTime: number) => void | { shouldRepeat?: boolean, delay?: number, newStartAt?: number },
        onUpdate?: (elapsedTime: number) => void


    Prop Name Type Default Description
    isPlaying boolean - Indicates if the loop to get the elapsed time is running or it is paused
    duration number - Animation duration in seconds
    startAt number 0 Shift the start time to a different value than 0
    updateInterval number 0 Update interval in seconds. Determines how often the elapsed time value will change. When set to 0 the value will update on each key frame
    onComplete (totalElapsedTime: number) => void | { shouldRepeat: boolean, delay: number } - onComplete callback will be fired when the duration is reached. The callback will receive as an argument the totalElapsedTime in seconds. onComplete can be used to restart the elapsed time loop by returning an object with the following params: shouldRepeat - indicates if the loop should start over; delay - delay before looping again in seconds; newStartAt - change the startAt value before looping again
    onUpdate (elapsedTime: number) => void - On time update event handler. It receives the current elapsedTime time in seconds

    Return value

    The hook returns an object with elapsedTime in seconds and reset method - { elapsedTime, reset }

    Browser support

    The hook supports all modern browsers targeting es6. Internet Explorer (IE) is not longer supported.

    Use cases

    Countdown timer
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    Count up animation
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    Non-liner path animation
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    npm i use-elapsed-time

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