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    Node client for Usabilla API

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    The Usabilla API Client for Node.js provides access to the Usabilla database from Node.js applications.

    The client has the following features:

    • Getting the buttons / campaigns / widgets / forms as well as the feedback they contain.
    • Querying over the feedback with different parameters.


    The client uses extensive authentication based on a request signing process. For more information, please see our developers guide.

    Getting started

    Install node client through npm

    $ npm install usabilla-api --save


    An example that displays the number of buttons:

    const Usabilla = require('usabilla-api');
    const usabilla = new Usabilla('YOUR-ACCESS-KEY', 'YOUR-SECRET-KEY');
    usabilla.websites.buttons.get().then((buttons) => {
      console.log('Number of buttons: ', buttons.length);
    }).catch((reason) => {

    See the code in the example folder for more advanced ideas on how to use the client.


    The client can be configured during instantiation with the following options:

    • protocol (default: https) - The protocol to use when making requests, this will also configure the type of node http client either http or https
    • host (default: - The host to use when making requests
    • port (default: null) - The port to use when making requests
    • iterator (default: true) - Whether to iterate until all results are retrieved

    For example:

    const Usabilla = require('usabilla-api');
    const options = {
      protocol: 'http',
      host: 'proxy-host',
      port: 'proxy-port'
    const usabilla = new Usabilla('YOUR-ACCESS-KEY', 'YOUR-SECRET-KEY', options);
    // usabilla.websites.buttons.get()

    Returned errors

    In case of an error, the library throws an error object with the following properties:

    • type - The type of error, usually Sender.
    • code - A machine readable code of the error as defined in the guide.
    • message - Human readable format of the error.
    • status - The HTTP status of the response.


    The Usabilla Node.js Client API is maintained by Usabilla Development Team. Everyone is encouraged to file bug reports, feature requests, and pull requests through GitHub. This input is critical and will be carefully considered, but we can’t promise a specific resolution or time frame for any request. For more information please email our Support Team at




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