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The minimal test runner.

Why yet another test runner?

I wanted something simple, that just runs test files, shows progress, and behaves like a good UNIX citizen. Now it exists.


npm install urun


In order to execute all test-*.js files inside a given directory, simply do:


You now get a nice progress indication, as well as detailed output for each test that fails. By default output is only printed for tests that fail. To enable detailed output for all tests, including those passing, include verbose: true in the list of options.

require('urun')(__dirname, { verbose: true });

Another feature is specifying a regex for the files to run (default is /test-.+\.js$/), for example:

require('urun')(__dirname, { include: /.+Test\.js$/ });


require('urun')(__dirname, { reporter: 'BashReporter' }); // default 
require('urun')(__dirname, { reporter: 'BashTapReporter' }); // tap compliant output 


This module is licensed under the MIT license.