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node.js API for the URL2PNG online service


node.js library for url2png

Get your account at

$ npm install url2png
var url2png = require('url2png')('API_KEY', 'PRIVATE_KEY');
var screenshotUrl = url2png.buildURL(url, options, type);
Name type description
url string The url encoded target url.
Name type default description
viewport string 1280x1024 The viewport for the browser. Max is 4000x4000
fullpage boolean false Capture the entire page, even what is outside of the viewport.
thumbnail_max_width pixels - Maximum width of image returned. If not specified image return will be 1:1.
delay seconds - EXTRA delay in seconds to handle flash animation.
You probably don't need this!
We work hard to detect the right time to take the screenshot.
force boolean false Shall we use the cached version if it already exists?
Name type description
type string 'http', 'https' or empty for protocol-relative.
var url2png = require('url2png')('API_KEY', 'PRIVATE_KEY');
var options = {
    viewport : '900x600',
    thumbnail_max_width : 400
var type = 'http';
//Get the URL 
var url = url2png.buildURL('' options, type);
//...or download the image to a file 
var fs = require('fs');
url2png.readURL('' options, type).pipe(fs.createWriteStream('google.png'));
//...or send the image in the http response 
var http = require('http');
http.createServer(function (req, res) {
  if (req.url === '/google.png') {
    url2png.readURL('' options, type).pipe(res)