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uri-parser - Module for URI parsing


URI-Parser is a module that provides functions for parsing URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) that is loosly based upon the standard url module within node. Parsing is derived from the excellent parseUri function by Steven Levithan.

Although the URI-parser takes care of most URI specifications it is not fully compliant with the RFC-3986 specification. For a more complete and fully compliant implemnentation I recommend you take a look at the URI Type for javascript module.

What's an URI?

The best place to start if you want to know more about URIs is (of course) the wikipedia article on Uniform Resource Identifiers.

Once you have been there, and are suitably confused, go take a look at Steve Leviathan's test page for his parseUri function that used is within this module to do all of the hard work.


npm install uri-parser

Using the Module

The 'uri-parser' module is accessed in the standard way by calling require("uri-parser"); and once loaded you have access to the following objects and functions.

Class uri-parser.Parser

The Parser class is a wrapper object class that provides access to an object that can be used to parse uri instances.

This class has the following interface:

Constructor Parser(options)

Creates a new instance with the specified options

Method Parser.parse(uriStr, strictMode)

Parses an URI into components (optionally in strict mode)

Method Parser.complete(obj)

Creates a complete URI definition from its components

Method Parser.format(obj)

Formats an URI definition into a well-formed URI string

Function uri-parser.parse

The parse function is a proxy to the Parser.parse(uriStr, strictMode) method on a singleton Parser instance that is created for the module.

Function uri-parser.complete

The complete function is a proxy to the Parser.complete(obj) method on a singleton Parser instance that is created for the module.

Function uri-parser.format

The format function is a proxy to the Parser.format(obj) method on a singleton Parser instance that is created for the module.



MIT License


  • Steven Levithan for the parseUri function that is the core of this module


Stuart Hudson



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