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    Key derivation and HD wallet generation functions for Urbit.


    Grab it from npm like so:

    npm install urbit-key-generation

    To include in your node project, use:

    const kg = require('urbit-key-generation')

    To use in the browser, you can use e.g. rollup and the rollup-plugin-node-resolve plugin, and specify the following in your rollup.config.js or similar:

    plugins: [
        browser: true,


    You will probably be interested in the generateWallet function, which generates a HD wallet for Urbit keys. It expects an object argument containing the following properties:

    • ticket, a 64, 128, or 384-bit @q master ticket (you can use e.g. the appropriate patq functions from urbit-ob to create these from decimal or hex strings).
    • ship, an Urbit ship number between 0 and 2^32 - 1.
    • passphrase, an optional passphrase used to salt seeds derived from BIP39 mnemonics.
    • revision, an optional number used to salt network seeds derived from a management seed. Defaults to 0.
    • boot, an optional flag that indicates whether or not to generate Urbit network keys for the provided ship. Defaults to false.

    generateWallet returns a Promise, so you can deal with it as follows, for example:

    let config = {
      ticket: '~marbud-tidsev-litsut-hidfep',
      ship: 65012,
      boot: true
    let wallet = await generateWallet(config)

    This library also contains functionality for generating Arvo keyfiles, via generateKeyfile, as well as web UI login codes (|code in :dojo), via generateCode.

    When using these functions to derive outputs for an on-chain ship, ensure that you're actually passing them the ship's current keypair, which usually involves specifying the ship's %life as the 'revision' parameter.


    Tlon runs a bug bounty program. If you believe you've discovered a vulnerability anywhere in this implementation, you can disclose it privately to


    Before making a PR, you should create an updated browser bundle (generated via npm run-script build).

    You can run the test suite with a simple npm test.



    npm i urbit-key-generation

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