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Check the wiki for detailed guides e.g.

Quick start

Initialize the necessary tasks in your gulpfile.js:

const tools = require('urbanjs-tools');
tools.initialize(gulp, {
  babel: true,
  checkDependencies: true,
  checkFileNames: true,
  conventionalChangelog: true,
  eslint: true,
  jest: true,
  jsdoc: true,
  mocha: false,
  nsp: true,
  retire: true,
  tslint: false,
  webpack: false

And that's it, you're good to go.

You can run any of the gulp tasks above (e.g. gulp eslint) or you can use these presets:

  • gulp test: runs tests (jest, mocha)
  • gulp analyse: analyzes the code base (check-dependencies, check-file-names, eslint, nsp, retire)
  • gulp pre-commit: analyzes the code base and runs tests (analyse, test)
  • gulp doc: generates the documentation (jsdoc)
  • gulp dist: runs the configured transpiler/bundler (babel, webpack)
  • gulp changelog: generates the documentation (conventional-changelog)
  • gulp pre-release: analyzes the code base, runs tests, generates documentation, and transpiles/bundles (pre-commit, doc, dist, changelog)

Additionally you can use these modifiers:

  • :fix (eslint)
  • :watch (babel, webpack, mocha, jest)

e.g. gulp eslint:fix or gulp babel:watch


Check out the wiki for guides, examples and details.

Also you can find the API reference here.


Highly appreciated any ideas how to make it more powerful.