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Urban Airship PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin

This plugin supports PhoneGap/Cordova apps running on both iOS and Android.


Contributing Code

We accept pull requests! If you would like to submit a pull request, please fill out and submit a Code Contribution Agreement.


Please visit for any issues integrating or using this plugin.



Due to an issue in the android resource processing (AAPT2), the GCM/FCM sender ID either needs to be prefixed with sender: or you can disable AAPT2 with cordova-disable-aapt2.

  1. Install this plugin using PhoneGap/Cordova CLI:

     cordova plugin add urbanairship-cordova
  2. Modify the config.xml file to contain (replacing with your configuration settings):

     <!-- Urban Airship app credentials -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.production_app_key" value="Your Production App Key" />
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.production_app_secret" value="Your Production App Secret" />
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.development_app_key" value="Your Development App Key" />
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.development_app_secret" value="Your Development App Secret" />
     <!-- Required for Android. -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.gcm_sender" value="sender:Your GCM Sender ID" />
     <!-- If the app is in production or not -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.in_production" value="true | false" />
     <!-- Optional config values -->
     <!-- Enable push when the application launches -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.enable_push_onlaunch" value="true | false" />
     <!-- Enable Analytics when the application launches -->
     <!-- Warning: Features that depend on analytics being enabled may not work properly if analytics is disabled (reports, location segmentation, region triggers, push to local time). -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.enable_analytics" value="true | false" />
     <!-- Urban Airship development log level defaults to debug -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.development_log_level" value="none | error | warn | info | debug | verbose" />
     <!-- Urban Airship production log level defaults to error -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.production_log_level" value="none | error | warn | info | debug | verbose" />
     <!-- Override the Android notification icon -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.notification_icon" value="ic_notification" />
     <!-- Override the Android notification large icon -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.notification_large_icon" value="ic_notification_large" />
     <!-- Override the Android notification sound (sound file should be in res/raw)-->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.notification_sound" value="push" />
     <!-- Specify the notification accent color for Android API 21+ (Lollipop) -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.notification_accent_color" value="#0000ff" />
     <!-- Clear the iOS badge on launch -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.clear_badge_onlaunch" value="true | false" />
     <!-- Enables/disables auto launching the message center when the corresponding push is opened. -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.auto_launch_message_center" value="true | false" />
     <!-- iOS 10 alert foreground notification presentation option -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.ios_foreground_notification_presentation_alert" value="true | false"/>
     <!-- iOS 10 badge foreground notification presentation option -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.ios_foreground_notification_presentation_badge" value="true | false"/>
     <!-- iOS 10 sound foreground notification presentation option -->
     <preference name="com.urbanairship.ios_foreground_notification_presentation_sound" value="true | false"/>
  3. (iOS Only) Add your Apple Developer Account Team ID to the build.json:

         "ios": {
             "debug": {
                 "developmentTeam": "XXXXXXXXXX"
             "release": {
                 "developmentTeam": "XXXXXXXXXX"

    Your iOS builds will need to reference the build.json using Cordova's "--buildConfig" flag.

  4. Enable user notifications:

     // Enable user notifications (will prompt the user to accept push notifications)
     UAirship.setUserNotificationsEnabled(true, function (enabled) {
         console.log("User notifications are enabled! Fire away!")


A sample can be found in the Example directory.

  1. Add your UA credentials to the config_sample.xml file in the root directory and save.
  2. Add your development team id to the build_sample.json file in the root directory and save.
  3. Run the script with the command ./ PROJECT_PATH PROJECT_NAME
  4. cd to the newly-created project directory, e.g. sample/test
  5. Build the platform you want to test.
    • iOS
      1. Build with command cordova build ios --emulator
      2. After successful build, connect an iOS device to test
      3. Run on device with command cordova run ios --device --developmentTeam=XXXXXXXXXX
        • Please refer to "Signing an App" for more information about code signing.
    • Android
      1. Build with command cordova build android in test directory
      2. After successful build, connect an android device to test
      3. Test with command cordova run android