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upy is a easy to use machine uptime module for node.js build C++. Have been tested under Mac and Linux system. Don't have any Windows support.


  1. install npm curl | sh
  2. npm install upy


npm install node-gyp -g
node-gyp configure build

or on older node.js versions

node-waf configure build

test the installation

  1. npm install -g mocha
  2. mocha test/values.js


Quick example using upy,

var upy = require('./upy');

console.log( upy.uptime() ); // Uptime x day(s), x hour(s), x minute(s), x second(s)


upy.uptime()			// returns a string telling you the uptime
upy.days()				// returns uptime in days
upy.hours()				// returns uptime in hours
upy.minutes()			// returns uptime in minute
upy.seconds()			// returns uptime in seconds
upy.timestamp()			// returns uptime as a timestamp (seconds)

copyright and license

upy is release under MIT license.

Copyright 2011 Fredrik Forsmo