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Upvista (work in progress)

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  • Node.js (v7.2.1+) and npm (v3+)
  • PostgreSQL (v9.5+)

ENV variables

see env.ts


First steps

  • run npm install in project root
  • see scripts in package.json
  • start PG and createdb upvista

Main commands

  • npm run dev - run server via nodemon (auto relaunch)
  • npm run test-ci - run unit tests in watch mode
  • npm run coverage - code coverage in text format in terminal
  • npm run coverage-html - code coverage in html format in coverage folder


  • global NODE_ENV=production
  • use pm2
  • npm install -g pm2@latest
  • cd /path-to-project
  • npm view upvista dist.tarball | xargs curl | tar --strip-components=1 -zxv
  • npm install --ignore-scripts
  • specify global env before next cmd
  • pm2 start ./ --name upvista -i max --merge-logs --log-date-format="YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.SSS Z"
  • pm2 save
  • use pm2 reload upvista for reloading
  • use pm2 flush for flush logs
  • use pm2 startup for generate startup script