A simple node.js API for uptime robot

Uptime Robot

A simple node.js and browserify API for uptime robot

$ npm install uptime-robot

Currently, only some methods are implemented, but pull requests for the missing ones are welcome.

This library works in the browser using browserify. You can see a demo by cloning this repo and running npm run test-browser.

All methods also return a Promise if no callback is provided.

var Client = require('uptime-robot');
var cl = new Client('api-key');
cl.getMonitors({customUptimeRatio: [1, 7, 30]}, function (errres) {
  if (err) throw err;


  • see https://uptimerobot.com/api


  • friendlyName - required
  • url - required
  • type - required (Default: 1)
  • subType - optional (required for port monitoring)
  • port - optional (required for port monitoring)
  • keywordType - optional (required for keyword monitoring)
  • keywordValue - optional (required for keyword monitoring)
  • httpUsername - optional
  • httpPassword - optional
  • alertContacts - optional (array of alert contact ids)
  • interval - optional (in minutes)

Delete the monitor with the given id


  • alertContacts - optional (array of alert contact ids)
  • offset - optional (record to start paginating. Default: 0)
  • limit - optional (number of records to return. Default and max: 50)
  • alertContacts: array of all alert contact ids