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uPort Web UI

A collection of ui elements for building uport-enabled web applications.

All of the following functions are exported at the top level by uport-web-ui, and create or modify an HTML modal which is injected into the DOM. Elements are identified by classes and IDs prefixed with uport__, and styled by a custom stylesheet, bundled with the elements. TODO: Allow styles to be overwritten.

Function Description Image
open(dataUri: String, cancel: Function, modalText: String) Open a modal and display the image provided as a data uri in the first argument.
success(timeout: Number) Display a success modal which will self-dismiss after timeout milliseconds
failure(retry: Function) Display a failure modal which includes a link to retry to failed action, using the provided retry function.
notifyPushSent(fallback: Function) Display a modal informing the user that a push notification has been sent, providing a button to retry or attempt a different delivery method bound to the fallback argument.
close() Close any open uPort Modal by removing the elements from the DOM

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