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    Put a UPnP face on your things.

    Although this supports an architecture for providing a UPnP interface to general things, the only such things realized now are Switch and Dimmer devices reachable through a local Legrand Adorne LC7001 hub.

    The Legrand Adorne Wi-Fi Ready Switch, Dimmer Switch and Outlet devices will be discovered as device URNs

    • schemas-upnp-org:device:BinaryLight:1
    • schemas-upnp-org:device:DimmableLight:1

    Which correspond to

    A companion project is upnp-connect which connects these things through a local SmartThings hub to SmartThings device types with Switch and SwitchLevel capabilities. Together, these projects may be used to replace SmartThings to Legrand Adorne LC7001 hub integration through Samsung’s ARTIK Cloud. Samsung has abandoned the ARTIK Cloud and Legrand has no plans to provide an alternative. This is an alternative.


    upnp-things is a JavaScript application that expects to be run in a nodejs environment. It was developed using, at the time, the Latest LTS Version: 10.16.3 of nodejs. upnp-things can be installed by git and the Node Package Manager npm. You can use these, as a normal user, to install upnp-things with all of its dependencies:

    git clone
    (cd upnp-things; npm install)

    To inspect the upnp-things command line options and run it:

    node upnp-things/index.js --help
    node upnp-things/index.js

    One should be able to make this run automatically in most environments. It has been tested to run on Linux.

    Run as a Linux systemd service

    As root,

    cp upnp-things/upnp-things.service /etc/systemd/system/

    Read this file for further instructions.


    npm i upnp-things

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