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Graph upmon output.

Getting started

  1. npm install -g upmon upmon-graf

  2. Create a new $HOME/.upmonrc file and add config:

      "ping": {
        // Time in ms between pings 
        "interval": 5000,
        // URL's of services to ping 
        "services": ["http://localhost:8000/"]
      "graf": {
        // Port to run graf server on 
        "port": 5000
  3. upmon | upmon-graf

  4. open http://localhost:5000

Build your own monitor

Want to run upmon from guvnor or pm2?

Create a new project, add a .upmonrc config file, install the upmon modules you need, and pipe them together!


var upmon = require('upmon')
var sms = require('upmon-sms')
var graf = require('upmon-graf')
pm2 start monitor.js