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Immutable and predictive to update json data


import updatex from 'updatex';

const obj = { a: { b: { c: {d: 1} } } };

const obj2 = updatex(obj, (newObj) => {
  const b = newObj.select('a.b');
  b.name = 'tj';

  b.c.d = 2; // will throw in development enviroment, as b.c is frozen


  1. There are many immutable libraries like immutable, seamless-immutable. But they may either change your fundamental data structure, or need you use extraneous methods to mutate the data. For a simple usage, spread syntax(...) is efficient, then you can use normal mutation ways like obj.a = x and arr.push().
  2. But it's a big pain to write in a deep structure, and it provides a large surface area for bugs. So we need freeze the original value to prevent accidental changes on it, especially in development environment.

These two reasons above bring updatex.


  • Internally use spread syntax(...) to copy value, then you can directy mutate the value
  • Auto freeze the original value in development environment, but off in production environment
  • Predictive mutation by declare the mutation-probable path ahead(obj.select('a.b.c'))
  • Auto check and warn over-select at the end
  • No more repeated data clone, you are forced to do mutations in a batch mode
  • No need to reassign the new value(obj = obj.set(k, v)) and return it at last


yarn add updatex

or if your'd like to use npm:

npm install updatex -S


updatex(input: object|array, updater: (obj)=>void)

Do mutation on input data. Only works with plain object and array, others will return the input directly. All updates should be done in updater function.

select(path: string|array)

Declare the path you will mutate on, all nodes on the path will be cloned. Then you can use assignment syntax(=) and other mutation methods to manipulate the nodes.

updatex(state, (newState) => {
  const user = newState.select('users.0');
  user.name = 'Tian';

  newState.users.push({ name: 'Jian' });

config(name, value)

Set the config. Currently only one config: freeze.

  • freeze: Whether using Object.freeze to make the input and output readonly.
    • Default true in development environment, false in production enviroment(process.env.NODE_ENV==='production')
updatex.config('freeze', false);


Checkout the CONTRIBUTING.md if you want to help


Licensed under MIT

Copyright (c) 2017 Tian Jian

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