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Copies an object into a new one.


Using npm

$ npm install up-clone

Using Component:

$ component install basicdays/clone


Supports recreating Date and Array. Array contents are themselves cloned as well.

Will attempt to clone Object. An object's properties are by default only shallowly copied. In order to copy the all its prototypes into new objects with the same inheritance, set deepCopy to true. If the base object inherits Object.prototype, the clone will reference Object.prototype, not a clone of Object.prototype.

Cloning classes ("typed" objects), especially with crazy inheritance structures, are not fully supported. You should use the object's originating constructor or just pass the reference to the same object.

Function, Arguments, RegExp, and DOM nodes will be passed back. Cloning functions is not supported due to the complexities of inheritance and closures.

Cloning some of the built-in object "types" is untested and unsupported at this time (e.g. NaN, Error, null).


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