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CSS-Aware HTML Minifier

Aggressively removes whitespace from HTML; while taking into account each element's CSS properties to ensure the layout of the file is unchanged.

Inline JavaScript and CSS are minified using UglifyJS and clean-css respectively.

Please note Unreadable is a young project so there are still some issues and TODOs.

$ unreadable --inspect --url http://www.youtube.com --output youtube.min.html
✔ 12643 characters removed, 986/986 elements with layout unaffected by minification


-h, --help           output usage information
-V, --version        output the version number
-u --url [value]     URL to process
-i --inspect         Inspect layout before and after, to verify no elements have changed size or position (slower)
-o --output [value]  File to write minified source to
-c --config [value]  Path to JSON configuration file (see https://github.com/JamieMason/Unreadable#config)


npm install -g unreadable

You'll need to Download & Install PhantomJS.


You can override any of Unreadable's defaults by providing a path to a JSON file.

unreadable --url http://... --config path/to/my/unreadable.json

Only the values you want to override need be defined, so to enable removal of optional closing tags for example - your file would look like this;

  "unreadable": {
    "remove_optional_closing_tags": true


All default values can be found in defaults.json, but here are the key ones;

  • #### remove_optional_closing_tags (false) Some element's closing tags can be omitted, resulting in a much smaller file. But, doing so can affect layout (http://jsfiddle.net/csswizardry/UMYZs/) so this is disabled by default.

  • #### .optional_closing_tags (String[]) Omitting these element's closing tags is permitted, add/remove any you want to include/exclude as preferred.

  • #### .forbidden_closing_tags (String[]) These elements don't have closing tags, such as <img src="nevergonna.png"></img>.

  • #### .uglify_js.* (Object) These values are applied to UglifyJS and are documented at https://github.com/mishoo/UglifyJS

  • #### .uglify_js.inline_script (true) Since we're Uglifying JavaScript found in <script> blocks as opposed to external files, I wouldn't recommend changing this value.

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