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    This is a very simple require() polyfill for browsers that loads packages from https://unpkg.com/.

    It supports simple packages only and doesn't work for generic ones — the main intention was to be able to launch up-to-date library demo sites on GitHub Pages without having to re-build the bundle after every update.

    How does it work?

    First, it statically analyzes the code for require presence and recursively loads the require-d files from https://unpkg.com/, asynchronously.

    Then, it dynamically evaluates modules code, providing a synchronous require() implementation using the pre-loaded files.

    If some deps names are computed dynamically — those are loaded synchronously at the dynamic evaluation step. Dynamic evaluation does not support loading new packages, only files with full or relative paths.


    • Most of Node.js API is not supported (some could be loaded from ecosystem).
    • Dynamic require() arguments are supported only partially.
    • Only latest versions of packages are loaded by default.
    • This loads packages from a thirdparty CDN.
    • css files are not loaded, you have to specify them manually.

    Not recommended to use this in production — the main intention of this package is make building GitHub Pages demo sites easier, without having to bundle stuff.

    How to use?

    Most simple setup:

      <script defer src="https://unpkg.com/unqire@1"></script> 
    <body data-require-main="./main.js">

    The libary registers a single global require function, so, alternatively, require.async('./main.js') could be used (returns a Promise).

    require('./main.js') also works, but without preloading it would try to load the deps synchronously (which doesn't support loading packages by their names). You should avoid doing that from your top-level code.

    The above affects only the entry point — inside ./main.js (and other require()-d code), use synchronous require() as usual — file loads will be done asynchronously.

    Also, you can specify a specific version or version range when loading a package, e.g. require('codemirror@5').




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