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    Unpoly 2

    Unobtrusive JavaScript framework for server-side applications

    Unpoly enables fast and flexible frontends with minimal changes to your server-side code.

    This branch tracks the current major version, Unpoly 2.x. If you're looking for the code of Unpoly 0.x or 1.x, use the 1.x-stable branch.

    Getting started


    Installing development dependencies

    To build Unpoly you require Node.js, Webpack and other npm packages.

    Install the Node version from .nvmrc.

    To install Webpack and other required npm packages, run:

    npm install

    Building the library

    Tests don't consume the sources directly, but from a transpiled build in dist/.

    To make fresh build, run:

    npm run build-dev

    This will build transpiled files such as:


    There is also a task npm run build for a production build. This does not build files for testing, but also outputs minified versions.

    Watching files for changes

    During development it is impractical to make a full build after every change. Instead it is recommend to watch the project:

    npm run watch-dev

    This will make a fresh build and then watch the project for changes to the source files. When a source changes, affected build files are automatically recompiled. The incremental recompilation is much faster than a full build.

    Running tests

    Tests run using a browser-based Jasmine runner.

    To start a web server serving the Jasmine runner:

    npm run test

    This will open a server on http://localhost:3000 and opens that URL with your default browser.

    In addition to the unit tests, there is an optional support repo unpoly-manual-tests. It contains a Rails app to play with Unpoly features that are hard to test well with a unit test. E.g. the visual look of overlays, or edge cases when booting Unpoly.

    Making a new release

    You can use this repository to publish a new version of the unpoly npm package.

    The release process currently requires Ruby. To install these dependencies:

    • Install the Ruby version from .ruby-version
    • Run bundle install

    There is a guided CLI interface to lead you through the release process. To start the process run:

    bundle exec rake release:process



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