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Use ldap as authentication for your private npm.


  1. First you must have unpm installed. See
  2. In the unpm directory do npm install unpm-auth-ldap
  3. Alter the unpm/lib/config.json make it look like
  "auth" : {
    "authenticated_gets": true,
    "whitelist": ["/_session"],
    "module" : "unpm-auth-ldap",
    "config": {
      "url": "ldap://",
      "searchBase": "ou=Users,dc=dago2",
      "searchFilter": "(uid={{username}})",
      "verbose": true

The config section is from ldapauth. See for config


To help store your ldap credentials in a .npmrc file, you can use this small util:

npm install unpm-auth-ldap -g
generate-ldap-npmrc <username> <password> <email>

Where username and password are your ldap credentials.