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Supported Environments

Our goal is to work in every major JavaScript environment; Node.js and major browsers are actively tested and supported.

If your preferred environment is not supported, please let us know. Some features may not be available in all environments.

Tested environments:

  • Node.js (0.6, 0.8. 0.10)
  • Chrome (stable)
  • Firefox (stable)
  • IE (11)
  • Safari (7)
  • Opera (12)

Specific browser test are provided by Travis CI and Sauce Labs' Open Sauce Plan. You can see specific browser test results, although odds are they do not reference this specific release/branch/commit.

Getting Started

rest.js can be installed via npm, Bower, or from source.

To install without source:

$ npm install unitify


$ bower install unitify

From source:

$ npm install

unitify.js is designed to run in a browser environment, utilizing AMD modules, or within Node.js. curl.js is highly recommended as an AMD loader, although any loader should work.

An ECMAScript 5 compatible environment is assumed. Older browsers, ::cough:: IE, that do not support ES5 natively can be shimmed. Any shim should work, although we've tested against cujo's poly.js



Running the Tests

The test suite can be run in two different modes: in node, or in a browser. We use npm and Buster.JS as the test driver, buster is installed automatically with other dependencies.

Before running the test suite for the first time:

$ npm install

To run the suite in node:

$ npm test

To run the suite in a browser:

$ npm start
browse to http://localhost:8282/ in the browser(s) you wish to test.  It can take a few seconds to start.


Copyright 2013 the original author or authors

unitify.js is made available under the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

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