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Generate a unique filename for use in temporary directories or caches.

var uniqueFilename = require('unique-filename')
// returns something like: /tmp/912ec803b2ce49e4a541068d495ab570
var randomTmpfile = uniqueFilename(os.tmpdir())
// returns something like: /tmp/my-test-912ec803b2ce49e4a541068d495ab570
var randomPrefixedTmpfile = uniqueFilename(os.tmpdir(), 'my-test')
var uniqueTmpfile = uniqueFilename('/tmp', 'testing', '/my/thing/to/uniq/on')

uniqueFilename(dir, fileprefix, uniqstr) → String

Returns the full path of a unique filename that looks like: dir/prefix-7ddd44c0 or dir/7ddd44c0

dir – The path you want the filename in. os.tmpdir() is a good choice for this.

fileprefix – A string to append prior to the unique part of the filename. The parameter is required if uniqstr is also passed in but is otherwise optional and can be undefined/null/''. If present and not empty then this string plus a hyphen are prepended to the unique part.

uniqstr – Optional, if not passed the unique part of the resulting filename will be random. If passed in it will be generated from this string in a reproducable way.