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UniPi Neuron

Integrates the UniPi Neuron product line in Node.js.

UniPi-Neuron integrates the Unipi Neuron product line in Node.js over Modbus. It uses Modbus Serial to connect to the TCP Modbus server It can be seen as a lightweight alternative to EVOK.


Install the TCP Modbus server as described on their README.md

You can install this package via npm directly in a folder on the Raspberry Pi in your Neuron device or install it on an other computer and connect to it remotely.

npm install neuron


UniPi-Neuron can run on all types of Neuron devices (e.g. S103, L203 ...) and connected to any number of extension modules (e.g. xS10, xS40 ...)

The current implementation is limited to digital inputs and digital outputs/relays.
However I'm looking to support the following:

  • Digital inputs
  • Digital outputs
  • ULEDs
  • 1-Wire sensors (1-Wire sensors are not available on the Modbus server so this will require the most extra work.)


An array of config objects should be send to the BoardManager.
Each object should contain these properties:

  • name: 'local' (Defaults to local, but should be something different if there is more than one board)
  • type: 'tcp' or 'rtu'
  • ip: '' (if type is tcp)
  • port: '502' (if type is tcp)
  • socket: '/dev/extcomm/0/0' (if type is socket)
  • id: 15 (if type is socket)
  • groups: 3 (Normally 1 for S type and extension boards, 2 for M type boards and 3 for L type boards)
  • interval: 100 (The interval in milliseconds at which to update the board values)


Connect to a local Neuron (S type)
let BoardManager = require('unipi-neuron');
let config = [{
  name: 'local',
  type: 'tcp',
  ip: '',
  port: 502,
  groups: 1,
  interval: 100
let boardManager = new BoardManager(config);
boardManager.on('update', function (id, value) {
  console.log(id + ' changed to ' + value);
setTimeout(function() {
}, 1000);
setTimeout(function() {
  let id = 'local-DO1.1';
  let value = boardManager.getState(id);
  boardManager.set(id, !value);
}, 2000);

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