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Replacement for util.inspect and the console object.

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var uninspected = require('uninspected');
var str = uninspected.inspect({foo: 'bar'}); // "{ foo: 'bar' }"
uninspected.log('foo', {bar: /hey/}); // { bar: /hey/ }
// Or use this shorthand:
uninspected('foo', {bar: /hey/}); // { bar: /hey/ }

The library also includes diffing support (powered by Unexpected's diffing engine):

uninspected.diff({foo: 'bar'}, {foo: 'baz'});
  foo: 'bar' // should be 'baz'
             // -bar
             // +baz

You can also use it instead of the console object:

var console = require('uninspected');

In the Chrome console this will produce colored output using this API.

The uninspected npm package includes a bookmarklet for doing the above, ie. replacing the console object with uninspected, see bookmarklet.html at the root of the package. Unfortunately github doesn't permit putting it directly into this README.