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unicode lookup table

loads into nodejs.

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# debian
sudo apt-get install unicode-data # optional
# gentoo
sudo emerge unicode-data # optional
npm install unicode

If you have problems installing UnicodeData.txt because is down or you're behind a proxy, try installing unicode-data via your system package installer.

If you got the file already at hand you can specify the path to it in the environment varialbe NODE_UNICODETABLE_UNICODEDATA_TXT.


master//node-unicodetable » node
> require('unicode/category/So')["♥".charCodeAt(0)]
{ value: '2665',
  category: 'So',
  class: '0',
  bidirectional_category: 'ON',
  mapping: '',
  decimal_digit_value: '',
  digit_value: '',
  numeric_value: '',
  mirrored: 'N',
  unicode_name: '',
  comment: '',
  uppercase_mapping: '',
  lowercase_mapping: '',
  titlecase_mapping: '',
  symbol: '♥' }