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Unfreeze a beach-balling Photoshop on Mac


Download the latest version here

...and run the app.


How does this work?

When photoshop starts beach balling, it's sometimes possible to get it to start responding without having to force-quit it and lose all of your work.

The operating system will typically send a signal to the photoshop process to pause it, if the operating system is having problems. These "problems" include running low on RAM, running low on disk space, or using 100% CPU.

After you alleviate the "problems" mentioned above, running this program will send a SIGCONT signal to the photoshop process to tell it to continue operating.

Will this always work?

No. If your photoshop is beach balling for another reason, this will not do anything.

Is this dangerous to do?

No. SIGCONT is a harmless signal to send if the process is not paused; it'll be as-if nothing has happened. Worst-case scenario: this program does nothing.

Command Line

Download the command line app instead of the .app

$ npm install -g unfreeze-ps
$ unfreeze-ps


This program is written in Node.js, and bundled as an app with node-webkit.

Bundling instructions are in the Makefile

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