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undecided.js is a tool for making webpages. by just typing 1 word (undecided) and 1 number (the amount of links u want to show) u can create a single webpage containing any and every link u can think of! u can link to ur favorite website, a PDF, ur aunts blog, an article worth reading...anything! the internet is ur oyster. in addition to receiving a url for ur personal page all of ur links will be posted to the undecided homepage where u can scroll through all the links posted by other undecided.js users.

Follow instructions below or on the undecided.js tutorial homepage.

If you already have undecided.js installed on your system make sure you have the latest version by typing:

npm update -g undecided

  1. If you don't already have Node installed on your computer follow instructions here for downloading and installing it. This will allow you to use this package as well as tons of other kooool packages.

  2. Once Node.js is installed, open the application called terminal. You can find terminal by opening a spotlight search (CMD + SPACEBAR) and typing in "terminal"

  3. In the terminal window directly after the $ type the following line

    npm install -g undecided

    then click ENTER

    NOTE: if you get some errors that say something like npm ERR! Error: EACCES you can type in the following line:sudo chown -R $USER /usr/local then click ENTER and try npm install -g undecided again.

  4. When the package has finished installing type:

    undecided [number]

    NOTE: [number] represents the number of links you want to include on your web page.

    then click ENTER

  5. From here you can simply follow the prompts to fill out the names and urls for each of your links (clicking enter after each one). When typing in the name and the url be sure to separate them by a comma. Also your urls should always be prepended by http:// For example: most boring website ever,

  6. After choosing the type of site you want and clicking enter you should receive a link in your terminal window. YAH0000! In addition to checking out your own url def checkout the undecided homepage to see all links added by other undecided.js users.

one more thing! make sure ur volume is all the way up.