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This module is created for the purposes of unmasking censored strings such as "f**k".

But Why?

In our web-tracking tasks, we often come across statements like "That C.E.O is a p***k!". Now if you have to run sentiment analysis on this post, or even for the purposes of appropriately saving it in a full text data-store (we love elasticsearch), you must first decode what p***k stands for. This is what we call "Uncensoring"!

I'm sure there are many other use cases for this. Now that a divisive U.S. election has churned out a lot of curse words into the interwebs!

Enough Politics. Let's Dive In!

It is easy to use uncensor. Install from npm npm install --save uncensor

const uncensor = require('uncensor');
var masked = "f**k";
var unmasked = uncensor.unmask(masked);

This prints out:

    "censored": "f**k",
    "results": {
        "word": {
            "profanity": "fuck",
            "popularity": 9
        "other_words": [
                "profanity": "fook",
                "popularity": 0
                "profanity": "feck",
                "popularity": 0
        "meta": {
            "count": 3,
            "steps": "Length Check > Start Letter Match > Last Letter Match > Levenshtein Ordering [3 words]"

Note that results include a meta object that indicates the steps taken to arrive at results presented.

  • Length Check : results filtered by length of mask.

  • Start Letter Match & Last Letter Match : masked words usually indicate the start & last letters. So we further filter the results by those letters.

  • Levenshtein Ordering : We then use levenshtein distance & profanity popularity to sort out results where multiple results are returned.

Dealing With Phrases

You can also unmask entire phrases.

const uncensor = require('uncensor');
var masked_phrase = "That guy is such a p***y. Hate the m*****fckuer!";
var unmasked_phrase = uncensor.unmask_phrase(masked_phrase);
//PRINTS: That guy is such a pussy. Hate the motherfucker!

Run the Tests...

You can run tests folder for some of the tests.


npm i uncensor

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