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Generate/compile static files based on file extension. Operates primarily off of config.json in the main directory as such:

  "source": "/home/coolguy/blog",
  "target": "/var/www/coolguysblog"

If they don't already exist, the following directories will be created in both source and target:

  • blogs/
  • styles/
  • scripts/
  • templates/

Whenever a file is updated in source, the corresponding file will be updated in target.

The blogs/ directory accepts:

  • parsed as Markdown using marked into HTML (named as .htm). The timestamp at the beginning will be used as the date of the post, if a md file is saved in the source/blogs/ directory without a timestamp, uncanny will attempt to rename it to work.

  • layout.ejs used to render every blog post into HTML, so you can make it pretty. Output will be target/blog-name.html. Available to the layout is the standard uncanny object as well as a blog object that contains:

    • year: year of the post,
    • month: month of the post,
    • day: numerical day of the post,
    • name: name of blog (with dashes),
    • title: title of the blog (generated),
    • target: location of the file,
    • content: Markdown-parsed content,
    • source: filename of original blog

The templates/ directory accepts:

  • .ejs parsed as ejs using ejs' official node module. Each template is passed the uncanny object containing:

    • version: current running version of uncanny
    • scripts, styles, templates: arrays of filenames from within corresponding directories.
    • blogs: array of blog objects as described above

The scripts/ directory accepts:

  • File extensions appended with .min such as .min.js will be run through UglifyJS before being placed in the target.

The styles/ directory accepts:

  • File extensions appended with .min such as .min.styl or .min.css will be run through Sqwish before being placed in the target.

Further configuration options include:

  • syncOnInit to compile and copy all files from the source directory into the target on startup. Default is false.
  • watchDotFile to watch and compile dotfiles.
  • customDirs an array of additional directories to watch and sync. Currently, files synced via the customDirs config option are not mutated in any way.
  • ignoreCase to allow for case-insensitive extensions, default is false.
  • optimizeImages to run smush against images in the images/ directory. Default is false
  • run with uncanny --watch to persist and watch directories.

Built on top of freud.