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The ump command updates the version number in package.json and any other json file you specify.


For command-line use, install globally:

npm install -g ump

For programmatic use (i.e. requiring it as a module in a node.js script), install locally:

npm install ump

Command-line Usage

ump releaseType [files]... [options]

  • releaseType: The semver-compatible release type. One of: major, minor, patch, premajor, preminor, prepatch. OR a valid version.

  • files: Default: package.json — Optional space-separated list of .json files that will be bumped. The first one is assumed to contain the "canonical" version by which all will be bumped.

  • Options

    • -m, --message: Message to be used for the commit and tag when -r or -p is set. Default: Release %s
    • -r, --release: If set, runs git add and git commit for the bumped files and pushes a tagged release.
    • -p, --publish: If set, automatically runs with the --release flag and then publishes the release to npm.
    • -d, --debug: If set, ump will run in debug mode, outputting a json file instead of doing something
    • -h, --help: Shows help information on the command line

Module Usage

The only required option is files, which takes an array of files. All other options are the same as the command-line long-hand options: message, release, publish, debug (not help).

const ump = require('ump');
  files: [
  release: true


In addition to command-line options, you may use a .umprc file in your project's root. The format of this file may be valid JSON or INI.

Example .umprc using JSON format:

  "message": "Release v%s.",
  "publish": true

Example .umprc using INI format:

message="Release v%s."

Extra files

If you want to update a version in a file that is not in JSON format, you can do so by adding the extras property to the .umprc file (or to the options object if using ump as a module).

The value of the extras property is an array of strings (representing file paths) or objects with the following properties:

  • prefix: string value representing a regular expression to match text preceding the actual version within the file. Default: '(?:\\-\\sv|version[\'"]?\\:\\s*[\'"])'
  • replaced: string value representing a regular expression to match the version number (immediately following the prefix text) that you want to be replaced. Ideally, should match a valid semver version. Default: '(?:[0-9]+\.){2}[0-9]+[0-9a-zA-Z\-_\+\.]*'
  • flags: string value representing one or more regular expression flags. Default: 'g'

Example .umprc:

  "extras": [
      "file": "/biz/shizz.js"
      "file": "docs/mydocblock.js",
      "prefix": "@version\\s+",
      "flags": ""

In the example, the first two files use the default options. If we were performing a minor bump (and assuming the version in package.json matches that in the files):

  • // myfile - v1.3.2 would become // myfile - v1.4.0
  • {'version': '3.2.1-pre'} would become {'version': '3.3.0'}

The last file ("docs/mydocblock.js") would change the first match only because the "g" flag is removed. Therefore, // * @version 1.2.1 at the top of the file would become // * @version 1.3.0 but any subsequent // @version x.x.x in the file would be ignored.


  • Because ump uses new Regexp() to build the regular expression, rather than regular expression literal syntax, you must "double escape" the prefix and replaced options.
  • You will rarely, if ever, need to change the replaced value.


Thank you! Please consider the following when working on this repo before you submit a pull request:

  • Style conventions are noted in the default rulesets of eslint-config-kswedberg.
  • To be sure your additions are lint-free and don't introduce any errors, run npm test from the command line.
  • If possible, please use Tim Pope's git commit message style. Multiple commits in a pull request will be squashed into a single commit. I may adjust the message for clarity, style, or grammar. I manually commit all merged PRs using the --author flag to ensure that proper authorship (yours) is maintained.




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