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The command line interface to the ummon server. Since ummon-server only communicates over an HTTP API, you can install this module on any computer and as long as you have the url and a user and pass you can interact with it.


npm install -g ummon-cli


$ ummon --help
   create           Add a new task to Ummon
   delete           Delete a Task
   log              Show recent log output. Filter logs by using --collection, --task or --run (only one!)
   ps               Show current worker counts and their pids
   task             Show the configuration for a task or group of tasks

Default options for every command

  • url: The url where ummon-server is accepting connections
  • retries: The number of times
  • timeout: Time to wait
  • username
  • password

The .ummonrc file

You can save all of the above settings in ~/.ummonrc so you don't have to type them in every time.

$ cat ~/.ummonrc

  "--url": "http://localhost:8888",
  "--username": "user",
  "--password": "password"

Warning! Obviously if you save your password, it will be saved in clear text. Use appropriate caution