Unique ID number generator within band ranges.

Unique identifier (ID) number generator within band ranges, by multiple generators in sequential order. Generated as a node.js module, however could be adapted for other systems.

  • to be unique.
  • to be a integer.
  • to be represented as a nanosecond.
  • to be issued sequentially.
  • to be scalable by multiple generators.

This schema, was developed for Kurunt, the scalable message processing framework, where you have multiple inputs receiving messages for processing that each require a unique ID represented as a sequential integer in nanosecond format.


var uidNumberBands = require('uid-number-bands');
var BAND = 0;
var BANDS = 100;
uidNumberBands.init(BAND, BANDS, function() {
    var id = uidNumberBands.make();
    console.log( 'id: ' + id );
    var idNormalized = uidNumberBands.normalize(id);
    console.log( 'idNormalized: ' + idNormalized );
  • A maximum of 1 billion IDs can be issued per second with a 64 bit system.
  • This ID schema will exceed the nanoseconds 19 chars when unixtime exceeds 9999999999 on Sat, 20 Nov, 2286 17:46:39 GMT.
  • Because nanoseconds exceeds ECMA (javascripts) largest number, returned as string representing nanosecond integer.

Apache 2.0