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ui-console the web console

Web developer tools for testing, scripting and debugging on remote devices. This project is under work and maybe there some bug. I made this tool for my own use at the beginning and I thought it might be useful to other people too.

With uiconsole you run on remote devices (Android, IOS, Computer ...) Firebug lite, WEINRE, GREMLIN.JS, TAPE

You are able to take a Screenshot of the current web page too. This is possible with the html2canvas library.

There is a JSCONSOLE, which allows you to send javascript commands to the target Web page.

You can also define commands javascript to run tests simultaneously on your different devices.

This is very useful when you need to see a page rendering on different devices, phone, tablet or computer at the same time. Need to enter the same login passwords on all devices, a real time saver.

Screenshot of application


Install this globally and you'll have access to the uiconsole command anywhere on your system.

npm install -g uiconsole


  • Create a folder.

     mkdir uiconsole
     cd uiconsole
  • Generate config file.

     uiconsole init
  • Setup your server parameters in _conf.json

         "host": "",
         "port": "8080",
         "weinreHost": "",
         "weinrePort": "8282"
  • Populate database.

     uiconsole initdb
  • A small SQLite database is created for user management. The default account is admin for the User name and password for password.

  • If you want to use your custom javascript command.

     uiconsole initCustomJS
  • Setup your custom javascript command parameters in _customJS.json. Set a label and cmd. Respect JSON format data.

  • Start 'uiconsole' and a web server and a socket server run on port 8080.

  • Weinre is started on port 8282

  • Open your browser for access to the uiconsole.

     http://< your_ip >:8080
  • Then add this code on your target web page:

     <script src="http://<your_ip>:8080/"></script>
     if(typeof io != 'undefined'){
         var socket = io.connect('http://<your_ip>:8080');
         socket.on('connect', function(){console.log('CLIENT socket.on: connect');socket.emit('client_connect', {data: navigator.userAgent});});
         socket.on('jscmd', function(data){try{eval(data.cmd);}catch(error){console.log(error);}});


  • If you want to use 'weinre' you must click the button weinre "JSCONSOLE". This will inject the script server connection in your target web page. As the server is already started on the port defined in _conf.json, your target page will be displayed in the web interface weinre.

    Now injection is dynamic with the IP address of your server. See _conf.json weinreHost parameter.

  • Open your browser for access to the weinre.

     http://< your_ip >:8282

Command parameters

Currently managing user has no security and no verification before the execution of the SQL command.

You can check the information with the tools sqlite manager. Or other tools if you prefer.

Add user

  • You can add a new user to the SQLite for user management.

     uiconsole addUser your_username your_password

Update user password

  • You can update the user password.

     uiconsole updateUserPassword username old_password new_password

Update default admin password

  • You can update the admin password.

     uiconsole updateAdminPassword old_password new_password

Delete user

  • You can delete a user to the SQLite.

     uiconsole deleteUser username

Schematic database.

  • Currently the schema of the database is very simplistic.

     CREATE TABLE ui_connected (jsondata TEXT);
     CREATE TABLE ui_users (userName TEXT, password TEXT, lastconnected TEXT);


v 0.1.21 - 2014/06/20

  • Fix bug on custom javascript command.

v 0.1.19 - 2014/06/20

  • Add new feature. Custom javascript command ! See readme about initCustomJS

v 0.1.18 - 2014/06/20

  • Make better log rendering
  • Code refactoring

v 0.1.17 - 2014/06/19

  • Update readme

v 0.1.14 - 2014/06/18

  • Updating EJS views for better rendering

v 0.1.8 - 2014/06/18

  • Add TAP support example with Browserify

v 0.1.5 - 2014/06/18

  • Convert project to 1.0.4
  • Fix bug on screenshot

v 0.1.4 - 2014/06/17

  • Convert project to 1.0.0
  • Not completly functional.

v 0.1.0 - 2014/06/17

  • Bug fix, and is completly functional.


npm i uiconsole

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