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Minimal Example

require('uiautomation-runner').build_and_test {
  build_dir:            "#{__dirname}/build/xcode"
  results_dir:          "#{__dirname}/results/#{strftime.strftimeUTC('...')}"
  script_path:          "#{__dirname}/all-the-tests.js"
  xcode_workspace:      "#{__dirname}/../MyAwesomeProduct.xcworkspace"
  xcode_scheme:         'myawesomeproduct'
  xcode_configuration:  'Test'
  app_filename:         'My Awesome'
  delete_simulator_apps: true

[TODO] Running on a physical device

  bundle_id: ''
  device_udid: '...'
  • This requires fruitstrap to be on your PATH

Trusting custom CA certs

  trust_ca_cert_paths: [


Suppose you want to man-in-the-middle HTTPS requests whose host matches *foo* and proxy them to :3001

  charles: {
    mim_https_to_local: {
      foo: 3001
    headless: false     # Default: true
  trust_charles: true   # Works for the simulator -- for physical devices, you'll need to manually trust the cert
  • This will
    • create a config file at "#{build_dir}/charles.config"
    • run Charles while the tests are running
  • You need a registered copy of Charles
  • It needs to be at /Applications/