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    UI5 Tooling Extensions for NPM Package Consumption

    DISCLAIMER: This is a community project and there is no official support for this package! Also the functionality may stop working at any time in future with newer versions of the UI5 tooling!

    The UI5 tooling extensions include a custom middleware and a custom task which allow to use NPM package names for AMD-like dependencies, e.g.:

    # Install a dev dependency to D3
    npm install d3 --save-dev
    // use D3 as a AMD-like dependency
    ], function(d3) {

    Once the UI5 application is finally built, the D3 dependency will be copied into the dist/resources folder with the proper namespace. In case of D3 above, there is no namespace and thus the location will be dist/resources/d3.js.


    npm install ui5-tooling-modules --save-dev

    Configuration options (in $yourapp/ui5.yaml)

    • verbose: boolean
      Enables verbose logging (default to false)


    1. Define the dependency in $yourapp/package.json:
    "devDependencies": {
        // ...
        "ui5-tooling-modules": "*"
        // ...
    "ui5": {
      "dependencies": [
        // ...
        // ...

    As the devDependencies are not recognized by the UI5 tooling, they need to be listed in the ui5 > dependencies array. In addition, once using the ui5 > dependencies array you need to list all UI5 tooling relevant dependencies.

    1. Configure it in $yourapp/ui5.yaml:

    The configuration for the custom task:

      - name: ui5-tooling-modules-task
        afterTask: replaceVersion

    The configuration for the custom middleware:

      - name: ui5-tooling-modules-middleware
        afterMiddleware: compression

    How it works

    The custom middleware is listening to incoming requests and checks those requests to match npm packages. E.g. a dependency to d3 will cause a request to resource/d3.js. The middleware now derives the module name which is "d3" and uses require.resolve("d3") to lookup the npm package for it. If an npm package exists, the middleware is using rollup to create a custom AMD bundle for the npm package which uses sap.ui.define instead of define.

    The custom task is scanning all AMD dependencies of all modules and tries to resolve the module names. If a module has been found a custom bundle will be created in the proper namespace of the module, e.g. @apollo/client/core will create a custom bundle at dist/resources/@apollo/client/core.js.

    How to obtain support

    Please use the GitHub bug tracking system to post questions, bug reports or to create pull requests.


    Any type of contribution (code contributions, pull requests, issues) to this showcase will be equally appreciated.


    This work is dual-licensed under Apache 2.0 and the Derived Beer-ware License. The official license will be Apache 2.0 but finally you can choose between one of them if you use this work.

    When you like this stuff, buy @vobu a beer or buy @pmuessig a coke when you see them.




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