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What is UI5 Schemas?

UI5 Schemas allows you to develop SAPUI5/OpenUI5 XML at a maximum convenience. It downloads, upgrades and sets up SAPUI5/OpenUI5 XML schemas for a better development experience in your favorite IDE (if it is WebStorm ;).

Getting Started

npm install -g ui5-schemas

npm 5:

npx ui5-schemas

Use cli option --help for more details

$ ui5-schemas --help

Usage: ui5-schemas [options]

  --sdk          The sdk to be used. Valid options are 'sapui5' or 'openui5'.   [default: "sapui5"]
  -v, --version  The UI5 version to be used, defaults to '' which means latest. [default: ""]
  --upgrade      Whether to upgrade UI5 schemas for a better development
                 experience or leave them untouched.                            [default: true]
  --link         Whether to auto-link UI5 schemas with your favorite IDE (if it
                 is WebStorm ;).                                                [default: true]
  -h, --help     Show help                                                      [boolean]
  --debug                                                                       [default: (generated-value)]

  ui5-schemas --sdk openui5 --version 1.28.15       Setup with openui5 schemas in version 1.28.15
  npx ui5-schemas --sdk openui5 --version 1.28.15   NPM5


Multi-SDK Support

Use the 'OpenUI5' or 'SAPUI5' SDK for your project.

Multi-Version Support

Use any available OpenUI5/SAPUI5 version in your project. Switch versions with ease.

Known Limitations

The xml schema files provided by SAP come with some limitations that this module does not fix (yet):

  • Binding syntax is not supported
  • ...

Usage behind Proxies

Proxies used according to npm module request. Make sure to have set the following env vars:

  • HTTP_PROXY / http_proxy
  • HTTPS_PROXY / https_proxy
  • NO_PROXY / no_proxy

If you are behind a corporate proxy and experience 'UNABLE_TO_GET_ISSUER_CERT_LOCALLY' it is most probably due to an invalid proxy certificate. You can still run ui5-schemas like this at your own risk:

# windows 

What is yet to come?

  • Eclipse support
  • Feel free to open an issue if you are missing something else!