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UI Sketchbook

  • Toolkit to scaffold, build and deploy static UI prototypes.
  • Works with npm scripts – no gulp, no grunt, no broccoli, no brunch.
  • Brings some handy defaults and packages which should make prototyping in the browser quicker and more fun, like:
    • jade
    • sass
    • surge
    • colors
    • semantic UI
  • can work as offline "native web app" (install-to-homescreen) with help of surge auto appcache


To get started from zero... your terminal and enter these lines:

mkdir my-new-thing
cd my-new-thing 
git init
# make a .gitignore
echo "dist/" > .gitignore
echo "node_modules/" >> .gitignore
echo "npm-debug.log" >> .gitignore
# generate a package.json
npm init --yes
# install the toolbox
npm install --save ui-sketchbook
# add script shortcuts to package.json
node_modules/npm-add-script/cmd.js --key "start" --value "node_modules/ui-sketchbook/scripts/start"
node_modules/npm-add-script/cmd.js --key "deploy" --value "node_modules/ui-sketchbook/scripts/deploy"
node_modules/npm-add-script/cmd.js --key "init" --value "node_modules/ui-sketchbook/scripts/init"
# generate scaffold skeleton
npm run init
npm start   # stuff should get compiled into a new dist folder
            # and a browser window should open