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Interactive bot to play hits from

ugurphone Bot


An automated bot for the Ugurphone room on This program will sit in the room, do basic chat IO, and upvote and save popular songs. It's deisnged to act as a ghost of all the popular songs that enter the room to progressively keep things fresh.


You'll need node.js

To run the bot from the repo:

    node ugurphone.js

Or you can get a relatively stable version from npm

    npm install ugurphone-ttfm-bot

For a more detailed help specification of the different ways to interface with the bot visit this README

Using this bot for your room

Essentially this bot shuffles through room favorites. If you ever want to add it to your room, simply make a account, and fill in the bot info in the clearly labled variabled at the top of ugurphone.js. The bot info consists of an AUTH token, the USERID for your bot, and the ROOMID for the room you want your bot to play in.

Run alaingilbert's bookmarklet by entering your desired room with your desired account to obtain this information.

About the Ugurphone Room

The Ugurphone room is a room on created by me to play and share music with my friends. We accept anything, and play just about every genre, but your acceptance in the room is variable to the taste's of my friends along with myself. You're always welcome to join, just please follow a simple DBAD protocol :)

Chat output to SDOUT

Simply set outputChat to true or false should you want to send chats to standard output