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    Uglify Classes : minify your web app

    This package help you to minify your classnames to optimize size of your app. It's work with a simple CLI, and can be triggered after a build. You can save up to 30% space on CSS files and 20% on HTML files.

    How It Works

    Script will analyze all your css files and detect all classnames. Then it will replace classes in all your assets. You can choose between differents methods to generate minified versions of your classes (hash, random ...).

    Demo animation


    install it as dev dependencies :

    npm install uglify-classes --save-dev

    Then, use it after a build (in your package.json) :

    "scripts": {
        "build": "... && uglify-classes <options>"

    You can also use it without package.json by install it globally :

    npm install -g uglify-classes

    Then, use it in your terminal :

    uglify-classes <options>

    By default, it will replace all your files in dist folder. You can change this by adding a --src option.


    • Index (recommanded): It will generate a small unique index for each classname.
    • Hash: It will generate a hash for each classname.
    • Random: It will generate a unique random string for each classname.


    Argument name Default value Description
    --src <path> dist/**/* Glob path to your source files.
    --method <method> index Method to generate minified classnames. You can choose between index (default), hash or random. You need to specify a size for theses 2 methods. eg. --method hash:6.
    --prefix None Prefix of classes you want to transform.
    --suffix None Suffix of classes you want to transform.
    --prepend _ Prefix for transformed classes. NB: Make sure the new classname is valid.
    --append None Suffix for transformed classes.


    Copyright (c) 2021 Arno Cellarier

    This software is released under the terms of the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for further information.


    npm i uglify-classes

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