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uevents 1.0.0

Microscopically small universal event emitter

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Slim version of Node's event emitter for all modern engines.

This is a microscopically small (just over 1kB) version of Node's popular events module that has no dependencies and works in Node and in the browser.


npm install --save uevents


const EventEmitter = require('uevents')
// or
const EventEmitter = require('uevents').EventEmitter


import EventEmitter from 'uevents'
// or
import { EventEmitter } from 'uevents'


Node's EventEmitter module is pretty good, but I would like it more if it:

  • Did not leak internal state
  • Did not depend on inheritance so much
  • Did not depend on util (which is pretty big)
  • Did not implement deprecated methods
  • Was microscopically small

Hence this module. It's mostly compatible with the original and passes all tests (though I had to make some modifications, see the diffs for more info). It ditches some legacy and some validation and the dependency on util so we end up with a lean library that doesn't bloat our web bundle.


uevents is based on Node's events module. The API is a close match. The EventEmitter function from events is a constructor function with methods on it's prototype, whereas the one here is a regular function that only adds events functions to individual objects. Emitter objects created with Node's events module will get a member _events, whereas with uevents they remain clean of that.

For the most part, you can use Node's documentation on events to get specifics on each function. Methods marked as deprecated are not implemented.

Documented below you will find some examples where the differences with Node's events module are highlighted.

Create a new emitter

const emitter = EventEmitter() // preferred
// also supported for back. compat with `events`
const emitter = new EventEmitter()

Enhance an existing object to be an emitter

const myObject = {my: 'object'}
// or
const myObject = EventEmitter({my: 'object'})

Enhance all instances of a class

// const util = require('util') // not needed
// util.inherits(MyClass, EventEmitter) // not needed
function MyClass(){
    EventEmitter(this) // simpler huh?
    // this.on(...)
// or
class MyClass {
    constructor() {
        // this.on(...)

Get listener count

emitter.on('test', function(){})
emitter.listenerCount('test') // 1
emitter.on('test', function(){})
emitter.listenerCount('test') // 2
// or (not implemented in `uevents`):
// EventEmitter.listenerCount(emitter, 'test')
// or (not implemented in `events`)
emitter.on('wow', function(){})
emitter.listenerCount() // 3  (sum of all listeners)
// or (not implemented in `events`)
emitter.listenerCount(['test', 'wow']) // [2,1]  (array with counts)

Get listener types

Strangely, this is not implemented in events, meaning you would need to resort to peeking at private state if you didn't know which event type to look for.

emitter.listenerTypes() // ['test', 'wow']

Get maxListeners

Again strangely not implemented in events:

emitter.maxListeners // no braces, it's an accessor property

Set logger

Just like events, uevents logs a warning when a suspected memory leak is detected. But unlike events, in uevents you can easily set a custom logger without having to overwrite the global console:

// Set a custom logger for all emitters
EventEmitter.setLogger({warn:function(){console.warn('minimal logger implementation')}})
// Set a custom logger for a specific emitter
// or at creation time
const emitter = EventEmitter({}, {logger:myLogger})

Get logger

An accessor property, like maxListeners:

emitter.logger // no braces

Listen for events

// same in `uevents` as in `events`
emitter.on('greeting', function(message, subject){
    console.log(message, subject)
// or
emitter.on('greeting', (message, subject) => console.log(message, subject))

Emitting events

// same in `uevents` as in `events`
emitter.emit('greeting', 'Hello, %s!', 'world')
// 'Hello, world!'


Add an issue in this project's issue tracker to let me know of any problems you find, or questions you may have.


Copyright 2016 by Stijn de Witt. Some rights reserved. Based on Node's [events] module, authored by and copyright by Irakli Gozalishvili, licensed under the MIT license).


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY-4.0)


npm i uevents

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