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ATTENTION! Breaking changes

The ueno-ui@2.x.x use the new v2 api of react-transition-group. If your project use the react-transition-group@1.x.x, ueno-ui won't work, since the two API are complety different.

You will have to upgrade your project with the latest version of react-transition-group@2.x.x, or use ueno-ui@1.x.x that still use the old react-transition-group@1.1.3 api.

Super simple example

import React from 'react';
import { UenoButton } from 'ueno-ui';
const Example = () => <UenoButton to="">Ueno button</UenoButton>;

How to extend css of components

Most of our components has a className props where you can pass customs styles. For example <UenoButton />, <Input /> or also <Field /> have a className props. We need to display them differently through our projects so we keep components' styles in the ui here, and we take care of the positionning on the project itself with the className.

import React from 'react';
import { UenoButton } from 'ueno-ui';
import s from 'styles/overwrite-button.scss';
// ./shared/styles/overwrite-button.scss
// .button {
//   font-size: 50px;
// }
const Example = () => <UenoButton to="" className={s.button}>Ueno button with some custom styles</UenoButton>;


When working on ueno-ui along side another project, it's useful to link:

> cd ueno-ui
> yarn link
> cd ../other-project
> yarn link "ueno-ui"

then while developing in ueno-ui, storybook can be used via yarn storybook to get changes reflected in link project, run yarn prepublish to build.


> npm login # use ueno account 
> npm version minor # or patch for fixes 
> npm publish