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A tool to create a UDF hard drive or usb drive that will be properly mounted on Windows, OSX, and Linux.

UDF has the potential to replace FAT32 or NTFS on USB drives, it has a lot of modern features and is supported by all OSes for Read/Write at v2.01 of UDF

This tool is based on the Perl script by Pieter @


Install globally:

npm install -g udfhd

or run locally after cloning.

To format a drive, use the following command as root. WARNING: There is no protection on what drive you choose. Be careful which path you provide. I am not responsible if you wipe your entire drive. This is a destructive operation.

udfhd /dev/sda AwesomeHD

udfhd takes 2 parameters. A required device and an optional label for the drive. I default to "UDF" if you don't provide a label.


After making sure it works on Linux, I plan to make it work on Windows. Theoretically it should work just fine with \.\PhysicalDriveX pathes on Windows.


This is released on the MIT License. For full details, read the LICENSE file.