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Ekino user consent module


The goal of ucm is to provide a very simple API to implement the required cookie consent banner. You can read this European Comission article about cookie consent to know more about it in general.

Also, ucm will automatically dialog with google tag manager (TMS of your choice soon) in order to communicate about the consented categories by the final user.

Previous Versions

This package has a previous version named CCGTM(version 1.2.0) that is now depracated, it is best to use the current version of this package (UCM, version 2.1.0).


Execute this command to install ucm

$ npm install --save-dev ucm

Using our cdn

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://unpkg.com/ucm@latest"></script>


import ucm from 'ucm';
  settings: {
    validateOnClose: false,
    pushTop: true,
    pushPop: false,
    fixBottom: false,
    forceAll: false,
    disableAcceptAll: false,
    disableRejectAll: false,
    pushTopHideOnScroll: false,
    mobileOffCanvas: false,
    switchOrder: false,
    moreLink: '',
    domain: null,
    timeout: 0,
    daysBeforeExpiry: 396
  i18n: {
    popinClose: 'Close'


validateOnClose - {Boolean} (default: false) Validate the consent when the user closes the popin without any modification in the settings

if set to false, the popin closes without launching acceptance

when banner mode is enabled, this setting controls both the banner and parameter popin

forceAll - {Boolean} (default: true) Forces acception of all cookie settings upon pressing the "Accept all" button (banner or popin)

pushTop - {Boolean} (default: true) The banner will appear on top of the page an push the content

pushPop - {Boolean} (default: false) The modal will open automatically

fixBottom - {Boolean} (default: false) The banner will appear at the bottom of the page

if neither pushTop, pushPop or fixBottom are enabled, the default is pushTop (top banner)

if pushPop is enabled and either or both fixBottom and pushTop are enabled too, the default is pushPop (popin)

disableAcceptAll - {Boolean} (default: false) Disables the "Accept and Continue" button (banner or popin)

disableRejectAll - {Boolean} (default: false) Disables the "Reject all" button (banner or popin)

pushTopHideOnScroll - {Boolean} (default: false) This will hide the banner if the users scrolls

mobileOffCanvas - {Boolean} (default: false) Controls mobile rendering mode, default is popin

switchOrder - {Boolean} (default: false) Inverses Parameters and Accept buttons rendering order on both the banner and popin - default is Parameters first then Accept

moreLink - {String} (default: "") Indicates the url of the link to know more about cookie consent

domain - {String} (default: "") Specify a specific domain to associate the cookie with

daysBeforeExpiry - {Number} (default: 396) Number of days before the cookie expires

debugMode - {Boolean} (default: false) Not an option in itself, default is set to false, enables debug by cleaning cookie at each reload


Current version is 2.1.0 - see CHANGELOG for infos




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